Let’s say money has no power !

Let’s say money has no power !

Their power is ours.

Let’s just say we no more need money… they’ll have no longer power on us !

Who ???

People who have more power.

Let’s imagine that tomorrow nobody else need money.
Let’s say that tomorrow nobody goes working with fear and need but with good will, trust, empathy, dreams…
Let’s say that tomorrow I offer the farmer to work freely in his camp to make food he would pay me with being confident we’d spend a good day.
Let’s say the butcher has people working with him for meat (sorry vegans)
Let’s say water purifying system is ran by people who drink water.
Let’s say who has water exchanges with who has veggies.
Let’s say who knows how to built a house needs to eat and exchange building for food and water.

Let’s say, tomorrow nobody fears about not getting paid but trust he will receive something in exchange for his work which will surely keep him safe for the day.

And tomorrow ?

Let’s say tomorrow every body cares about the other. Would we miss food ?
Wouldn’t we be happy ?

Can anyone trust that ?

I feel it but cannot trust it in regard to what the world is right now. Everything is linked together by money appeal instead of … I don’t want to say « love » because it’s to straight and you may not think about it… let’s say what should link us together is just wishing more happyness and human-link beetween every-one, and that tomorrow we’d feel alive.

Let’s say who has nothing will be helped by who has enough.
Let’s say who has anger against the world would be welcomed without judgement.
Let’s say crazy people would have a place to be.

Let’s say nobody would like to kill anyone, and …

No, sorry. I was just dreaming for a while. Just letting my inside express outside.
Might have been overwellmeld by some sensations and feelings that make me feel optimistic.

Let’s say you did not read that…

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